I used to be a hotel practitioner.

I want to be a new media worker in the future.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from China University in 2018 and got the title of outstanding graduate. Currently, I work on obtaining a graduate diploma in international journalism from the University of Melbourne.

I have some work experience. In 2017, I worked as a bartender and barista at the St. Regis Beijing. In 2018, I studied at the The Temple house in Chengdu, China for three months.

In China, I participated in many competitions related to the hotel industry and received some honors. During the competition, I started to get in touch with the digital media industry, so I found that, with the continuous development of the Internet,hotel marketing and digital media are inseparable, so I really want to work in the hotel marketing department in the future.

I also like video editing very much. Although my editing level is not that high, I have been trying to learn it.

As well, I like traveling. Many cities in China have my footprint. besides, I have been to some countries, such as Thailand and Singapore. During the trip, I will choose the most characteristic hotel in each city to live, because it will deepen my understanding of the hotel industry in different cities or countries.

In addition, because I am studying journalism now, I have some knowledge of the development of the Chinese and Western hotel and media industries, and I record them in the form of news. You may have never heard these stories, but they must be very interesting.